Used John Deere Tillage & Seeding Equipment for Sale

Specialized tillage and seeding equipment can be a costly addition to your farm’s machinery. That’s why at Papé Machinery Agriculture & Turf, our equipment experts stock a variety of used John Deere equipment to help you make the most of your machinery budget. Visit your local Papé Machinery Agriculture & Turf dealer to browse our pre-owned inventory of:

  • John Deere Field Cultivators
  • John Deere Tandem Discs
  • John Deere Air Drills
  • John Deere Box Drills
  • And more!

With so much variety in features and specializations, it can be hard to find the exact seed drill or tilling equipment you need. Our equipment experts can help you choose and source the right equipment for your crops and farm size.

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1-4 of 4 Results

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Used John Deere Cultivators and Air Seeders

John Deere is known for its quality construction and reliable machinery. It’s just one of the reasons that even among used equipment, John Deere cultivators and air seeders are some of the most popular choices.

With cultivator options for spring, fall, and multiseason operation, it can be a costly endeavor to outfit your farm with all new equipment. Used John Deere cultivators reliably deliver great results, even after years of use.

Air seeders must be precise and robust to avoid sowing errors and other costly mistakes. For this job, used John Deere equipment is the obvious choice.

Financing Used Tilling and Seeding Equipment with Papé

Competitive prices aren’t the only way that Papé Machinery offers you savings. With financing opportunities for tillage and seeding equipment, we help you spread the initial investment on your used equipment. This means you can start to see a real benefit from your cultivator, air seeder, or spreader before you finish paying full price, keeping your equipment overhead low.

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