Compact Tractor Attachments For Every Application

Having a small farm doesn’t mean that it requires any less work. Papé Machinery understands the need for equipment to be versatile on small farms. That’s why we’re proud to offer a complete range of genuine John Deere and Frontier compact tractor attachments. Whether you need something for earthmoving, animal care, or agricultural work, we have the attachment for you. Contact your local Papé Machinery dealership to speak with a specialist about finding the right attachment for your needs and the tractor you own.

Frontier Tractor Attachments

Frontier offers a wide variety of compact tractor attachments to help you with a number of tasks on your property. For landscaping, we carry Frontier box blades, trenchers, and scrapers. Our Frontier loader attachments can help with lifting pallets, bales, and more. Our tillage and seeding equipment includes shank rippers, disks, and grain drills. We also have livestock and equine equipment including manure spreaders, scrapers, and manure forks. Contact us today to ask about finding the best tractor attachment for your small farm’s needs.

One Tractor, Any Job

Papé Machinery keeps you moving with a variety of John Deere tractor attachments. Our genuine John Deere attachments include front end loaders and backhoes to help you with moving heavy loads and in-ground chores around your farm. Give us a call or submit a contact form today to your nearest Papé Machinery dealership to learn about how you can customize your tractor for any number of applications.