John Deere 5075E
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  • Excellent maneuverability, visibility, and comfort in one package with heavy-duty, two-wheel drive (2WD) front axle and cab
    2WD front axle and cab on 41- to 55.9-kW (55- to 75-hp) 5E Tractors
    2WD front axle and cab on 41- to 55.9-kW (55- to 75-hp) 5E Tractors

    Made of heavy-duty steel for added reliability, the 2WD front axle is adjustable in 50.8-mm (2-in.) increments to adapt to a wide variety of applications. 

    • The front axle provides 10 degrees of axle oscillation, allowing the axle to follow uneven terrain for a consistent performance, comfortable ride, and reduced stress and maintenance costs on axle spindles.
    • A 55-degree turn angle provides excellent maneuverability for high-torque tasks in tight spaces.
    • The steering cylinder is bolted directly to the rear of the front axle, so the axle housing protects the steering cylinder from potential punctures created by rough terrain, rocky soil conditions, or thick crop material.


    Broadening the 5E 3-Cylinder Tractor product lineup to offer a 2WD front axle in a cab configuration provides you with the well-known benefits of the 5E 3-Cylinder Tractors in conjunction with the ability to stay out of the elements and have the tighter turning radius that 2WD front axles provide.

    2WD front axle
    2WD front axle
  • Save fuel, reduce noise, and increase engine life in power take-off (PTO) applications with the 540/540 economy PTO
    Shiftable 540/540 economy PTO (5E) for cab tractors
    Shiftable 540/540 economy PTO (5E) for cab tractors
    Shiftable 540/540 economy PTO (5E) for open operator station (OOS) tractors
    Shiftable 540/540 economy PTO (5E) for open operator station (OOS) tractors

    The 540 economy PTO option comes in base equipment with the 12F/12R PowrReverser™ transmission.


    The 540/540 economy PTO allows operators to select the engine rpm for reduced fuel consumption, reduced noise levels, reduced vibration, and less wear and tear on the engine, while at the same time keeping the proper 540 rpm at the PTO.


    The economy PTO provides 540 rpm to the PTO at 1600 engine rpm. The 540 economy mode is ideal for any PTO application, from running a mower-conditioner to a baler or a cutter, where full engine horsepower is not required.


    Operating at lower engine rpm decreases fuel costs up to 30 percent and provides additional productivity by improving the operating experience through enhanced operator comfort from reduced noise and vibration.


    A lever allows the operator to simply change between 540 and 540E when conditions merit the opportunity to save fuel without affecting performance.


    For heavy-duty operations requiring maximum PTO power, the PTO shift lever is placed in the 540 position, the PTO is engaged, and the engine is run at a rated speed of 2100 rpm. This selection gives 540 rpm to the PTO shaft and delivers the fully advertised horsepower at rated engine speed.


    When the cab tractor is in economy PTO mode, the engine is electronically limited to 1600 rpm, preventing accidental over speeding of PTO implements and protecting against binding the PTO shaft.


    This interlock also prevents accidental shifting of the PTO selector lever at engine speeds above 1600 rpm, which would lead to downtime for fixing implements or drivetrain components.

  • Intuitive controls to aide in simple operation
    Adding ease to operation
    Enhanced operator controls
    Enhanced operator controls

    Operator comfort is important regardless of the application. Improving the 5E 3-Cylinder Tractor models, the hand throttle has been relocated to the right-hand console. This is 30.5 cm (12-in.) closer to the operator and within easy reach versus the previous location on the center-hand console. Operators may also notice the additional legroom provided by the repositioned loader controls, providing a more enjoyable experience.

  • 9F/3R SyncShuttle™ transmission - An easy-to-use transmission which saves time and effort
    Nine forward and three reverse speeds with in-line synchronized shuttle shifting

    The SyncShuttle transmission is designed to match the excellent power and torque characteristics of the John Deere PowerTech™ engines. Transmission durability is enhanced with the pressure-lubricated top shaft, allowing an operator to achieve performance from one working season to the next. Additionally, this in-base transmission is configured with fixed draft links, single-speed power take-off (PTO) and mechanical PTO engagement.


    The transmission is characterized as full top shaft synchronized (TSS) when forward shifting on-the-go between speeds, and is characterized a synchronized while depressing the clutch.


    2100 engine rpm
      Tire 0.671 RR
    Gear Rear Wheel Speed Ground Speed
      rpm kmph
    A1 9.1 2.3
    A2 12.4 3.1
    A3 17.0 4.3
    A Rev -13.5 -3.4
    B1 23.1 5.8
    B2 31.4 7.9
    B3 43.2 10.9
    B Rev -34.2 -8.6
    C1 58.9 14.9
    C2 80.3 20.3
    C3 110.3 27.9
    C Rev -87.3 -22.1


    Creeper available for R2 and R4 as field installed kit with following speeds in kmph.

    Creeper 1 0.40
    Creeper 2 0.54
    Creeper 3 0.75
    Creeper Rev -0.59
    Easy and comfortable shifting
    Operator-friendly transmission controls with hand throttle
    Operator-friendly transmission controls with hand throttle
    Synchronized shifting in all forward and reverse gears
    Synchronized shifting in all forward and reverse gears
    Range selection pattern
    Range selection pattern

    Nine forward and three reverse (9F/3R) speeds are achieved by using two platform-mounted levers for shift operation. The gear lever at the operator's right hand selects one of three forward gears and one reverse gear, as well as the integrated park position. The range lever at the operator's left hand selects collar-shift A, B, and C ranges.

    Operators can easily switch directions without having to completely stop the tractor with synchronized, in-line, shuttle-shift capability between forward and reverse gears on the gear-shift lever in all three ranges (A, B, and C ranges).

    A neutral start switch requires the gear-shift lever be in the neutral or park positions to start the engine.

    A positive park pawl on the transmission provides positive park and eliminates the need for a hand brake. This also eliminates clutch service costs that occur when the park brake is accidentally left engaged.

  • 12F/12R PowrReverser™ transmission is ideal for demanding applications
    Electrohydraulic reverser lever
    Electrohydraulic reverser lever

    The John Deere-built PowrReverser transmission provides 12 forward and 12 reverse gears for operators requiring additional flexibility for multiple applications. It comes standard with shiftable 540/540 Economy power take-off (PTO) and electronically activated, telescoping draft links. This transmission is ideal for operators using their tractors to perform in versatile applications.


    Hydraulic wet forward and reverse clutches maximize durability and will outlast the life of any dry clutch. When tractors are run by multiple operators with a variety of experience levels, a wet clutch is the best way to maintain transmission integrity and performance while decreasing clutch replacement costs.


    The gear lever selects one of four speeds, all synchronized shifts for on-the-go shifting with the use of the clutch. The range lever selects collar-shift A, B, and C ranges, which are not synchronized.


    Maximum productivity is achieved with hydraulic PowerShift between forward and reverse and is ideal for loader and rear-blade applications that require frequent directional switches in tight spaces. Excellent modulation allows the operator to shift the direction lever from neutral to forward or reverse, forward to reverse, reverse to forward, or to neutral from forward or reverse.


    Operators can accomplish all these directional changes without sacrificing comfort or having to depress the clutch pedal. The speed of directional changes can be adjusted to the operator's preference or application demands with the field-installed infinitely-variable control kit.


    The PowrReverser transmission also allows the operator to steer and shift direction with the left hand, freeing the right hand to operate other tractor controls, such as the loader, rear implements, or hand throttle.


    Constant-mesh, helical-cut gears provide quieter operation and excellent reliability while the pressure-lubricated top shaft adds to the transmission durability. Fully enclosed, rigid shift linkages for short throw and crisp shifts enable all operators to clearly know in what range and gear they are operating.


    Positive park pawl on the transmission provides positive park and eliminates the need for a hand brake.


    This also eliminates clutch service costs that occur when the park brake is accidentally left engaged. A neutral start switch requires the directional lever to be in the neutral position to start the engine.

    Configurations available
    • 5055E-5075E: two-wheel drive (2WD)/four-wheel drive (4WD) in both open operator station (OOS) and cab models
      • 9F/3R and 12F/12R transmission offerings
      • Loader compatibility: 512 or 520M Loader

    NOTE: Loader prep package from the factory will be for the 520M Loader only.

    Speed chart
    Gear Total ratio Speed
    A1 337.841 1.62 km/h (1 mph)
    A2 249.499 2.19 km/h (1.36 mph)
    A3 184.589 2.96 km/h (1.84 mph)
    A4 139.094 3.93 km/h (2.44 mph)
    B1 117.21 4.66 km/h (2.89 mph)
    B2 86.561 6.31 km/h (3.92 mph)
    B3 64.041 8.53 km/h (5.3 mph)
    B4 48.257 11.32 km/h (7.04 mph)
    C1 40.541 13.47 km/h (8.37 mph)
    C2 29.94 18.25 km/h (11.34 mph)
    C3 22.151 24.66 km/h (15.32 mph)
    C4 16.691 32.73 km/h (20.34 mph)


    NOTE: 16.9x30 tire, 0.69-m (2.26-ft) tire radius, 2100 engine rpm.

  • A durable, mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) axle increases traction in tough conditions
    Heavy-duty MFWD front axle with limited slip
    Heavy-duty MFWD front axle with limited slip
    MFWD 55-degree turn angle
    MFWD 55-degree turn angle
    MFWD indicator light
    MFWD indicator light

    Limited-slip, heavy-duty MFWD front axle will provide operators with increased drawbar pull and improved traction when operating in slippery conditions. This ensures the operator gets the required torque to the ground for applications that demand more from the tractor. The MFWD front axle also reduces wheel slippage with less tractor ballasting for reduced soil compaction, increased fuel economy, and longer tire life.

    The MFWD centerline design provides excellent maneuverability around the worksite and more crop clearance so producers aren't driving down their crop or profits. Additional versatility is proven when wheel treads are adjusted with 6 degrees of caster angle and a 55-degree turn angle, which results in a turning radius as short as 3 m (9.9 ft) (brakes applied), allowing plenty of horsepower to turn around in tight places. 10 degrees of axle oscillation follows uneven terrain, allowing for consistent performance and comfortable ride.

    Axle oscillation also reduces the stress and maintenance cost on the axle spindles because loads are consistently spread across the entire axle. The centerline design eliminates the need for drive shaft universal joints that require regular maintenance. Anti-wrap shielding on the driveline is standard to prevent crop material and debris from building around the driveline and ensures tractor performance. Three grease points are conveniently located to minimize maintenance time while maximizing front axle performance.

    NOTE: The MFWD engagement lever is located on the left-hand side of the operator's seat. For the operator’s convenience, when MFWD is engaged, an indicator light will appear on the dash.


Fuel tank Standard: Open: 72.5 L
19 U.S. gal.
Cab: 82 L
21 U.S. gal.


25 Reviews
Aug 20, 2019

Work horse


The tractor is very nice, however, the foot throttle is not user friendly. My biggest complaint would be the fuel efficiency, or lack there of. I've tried 540e and 540 and both are terrible on fuel. Other than that, this tractor is great! A real work horse for hay farming and bush hogging, as well as plowing and planting.


  • From: Alabama
  • Usage Frequency: Weekly
  • Level of Experience: Intermediate
Nov 03, 2020

Great tractor, but


My 2016 5075 with only 60 hours has leaked universal transmission fluid sine the day I bought it. It’s an isolated leak difficult to locate. A JD mechanic looked at it a year ago when the local dealer brokered it to me the local dealer brokered it to me a year ago with 22 hours. He found one leak, could not locate the other. So I have a relatively new JD which I keep adding transmission fluid and meanwhile i leave cardboard under it to rote the my shop floor. Aggravating. 5 stars all the way if not for this on going issue.


  • From: NEbraskA
  • Usage Frequency: Monthly
  • Level of Experience: Intermediate
Aug 14, 2018





  • From: ONTARIO
  • Usage Frequency: Weekly
  • Level of Experience: Intermediate
Mar 21, 2018

Pretty good tractor, but had some issues


I use the tractor for mainly bush hogging, moving branches and dirt, and snow blowing. I've had it for 4 years with 300 hours on it. The 4x4 connector for the 4x4 light (cheaply made underneath) kept coming disconnected and I fixed it. There is a coolant leak that it has had since it was new. I just keep adding coolant as it is a small leak. (I rarely see it on the ground) Vibrates some going down hills, I think mostly because of the ag tires. I've had to replace a hydraulic connector on the back and have another that does not work that I will need to replace. (I hardly ever use them so I'm not sure what the issue is other than non use. Tried to free it up by soaking it, but it doesn't work so I had to buy a new one and now a 2nd one) It starts up nice in the cold. I have a block heater but never need to use it with the glow plugs. Overall I am happy with it but wish the above mentioned items were better.


  • From: New York
  • Usage Frequency: Weekly
  • Level of Experience: Intermediate
Jan 30, 2021

Poor quality


Bought this tractor in late 2017- have had problems every year since. Machine seems to be afraid of a hay field as it has a problem every year when hay season starts. When all is working it’s a handy and comfortable tractor but the failures are not worth the hassle- especially on a machine with only 200 hours on it. Look elsewhere.


  • From: East TN
  • Usage Frequency: Weekly
  • Level of Experience: Expert