John Deere 6150RH
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  • PowerTech™ PVX/PSX Stage III B Engine
    Reliable and proven engine technology

    John Deere 6R Series Tractors feature the reliable and proven PowerTech PVX/PSX engines. These air-to-air aspirated engines deliver constant power over a wide range of engine revolutions per minute (rpm) with a power bulge above rated power to provide excellent torque in demanding applications.

    • Engines deliver a constant power range of 30 percent with a power bulge of 10 percent.
    • High-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel injection system and other key engine parts work together to sense engine load and then instantly respond as needed to pull through tough soil conditions.
    • Engine rpm fluctuations are reduced to minimize the need to downshift the transmission.
    • Fewer shifts results in less ground speed variations, providing higher overall tractor productivity.

    To match the engine power characteristics and improve economy of operation, the rated engine speed is 2100 rpm.

    The full frame concept
    Engine integrated in full frame
    Engine integrated in full frame

    The engine is an integrated part of the full frame concept. The engine is connected to the frame using vibration-absorbing isolators. Further vibration reduction is achieved by utilizing a heavy-duty torsional damper in the Cardan shaft, coupling the flywheel to the clutch housing.
    This technique:

    • Eliminates engine block stress, because the engine is no longer a structural part of the tractor.
    • Reduces noise and vibration transfer to other tractor components.
    Engine block

    Engines feature a heavy-duty, high-quality gray iron block. The one-piece block design features generous internal webbing to provide sturdy engine structure. The block is further strengthened by circular truss ribs that serve as lower supports for wet cylinder liners.


    To ensure a long vehicle life, engine cylinders are wet sleeve liners. In the event a repair is needed in long-term operation, the engine can easily be reconditioned to updated specifications.
    The coolant manifold is full length for equal cooling capabilities across all cylinders.

    Directed cooling

    The PowerTech PVX 4.5L and 6.8L and PowerTech PSX engines feature directed cooling around the top of the cylinder liners.
    Top liner cooling lowers temperatures at the top of the cylinder for durability of the piston and piston rings. This also allows the piston rings to be farther up on the piston, decreasing the amount of dead air in the combustion process, increasing efficiency, and lowering emissions.
    The block rib design minimizes engine noise by stabilizing the cylinder liners.

    Piston and rings

    All PowerTech PVX and PSX 4.5L and 6.8L engines use aluminum pistons for high strength and resistance to wear. The large-diameter piston bowl with high-dome design works with the four-valve head to provide greater airflow with less restriction both in and out of the combustion chamber. This greatly improves economy and lowers exhaust emission levels.
    Cooled, filtered oil is constantly sprayed on the underside of each piston. The low-friction piston design incorporates an integral directed oil galley, taking full advantage of the oil spray jet to improve piston and ring cooling, extending life.
    The oil spray jet provides excellent underside piston dome cooling, as well as lubrication of the piston pin and pin bushing and cylinder wall lubrication. Oil spray nozzles are positioned on support ribs over main bearings to supply cooled and filtered oil to the pistons.

    Connecting rods and piston pins

    Piston pin features:

    • Full floating design utilizes all bearing surfaces of the pin for more even load distribution, even wear, and long life.
    • Large diameter and thick walls ensure maximum rigidity.
    • Highly polished and hardened surface of pin reduces wear.
    • Slip fit and retained in pistons by snap rings.


    Wrist pin lubrication comes from high-volume piston spray jet.

    Cylinder liners
    Wet sleeved, flanged cylinder liners are made of compact graphite iron for greater strength and stiffness.
    Directed top-liner cooling reduces oil consumption and enhances combustion efficiency by reducing wear in the top ring turnaround area and improving piston ring performance.

    A dynamically balanced crankshaft is constructed of heat-treated, high-carbon forged steel for maximum strength. Journal surfaces are induction hardened for long life.
    A flanged-style thrust bearing is used for long life. Main crankshaft bearing caps are machined while fastened to the block to ensure precise crankshaft alignment.
    The John Deere exclusive WEAR-GARD™ connecting rod bearing design increases lubricating oil film thickness in the bearing area, where high loads are present. This further improves durability and reliability.


    The 6.8L engine uses a camshaft made from 1080 steel to provide the strength and durability required to operate four valves in each cylinder.
    Six large camshaft bearing journal diameters are sized to handle the heavy-duty, four-valve head. Two additional camshaft bearings provide added strength and reliability. The camshaft lobe profile design is complemented by the intake and exhaust valve shapes and sizes for power and efficiency.
    The initial valve lash adjustment is 2000 hours, then every 2000 hours thereafter.

    Four-valve cylinder head

    Additional four-valve cylinder head benefits are as follows:

    • Positions the injector in the center of the piston and combustion chamber for even piston loads and mixing of fuel
    • Maintains cooler head temperatures through a high rate of airflow
    • Raises the air-fuel ratio while reducing internal operating temperatures for improved reliability and fuel efficiency
    • Valves and replaceable valve seat inserts designed to minimize flow restriction (engine uses special powdered metal valve guide inserts with impregnated lubricant for proper seating and to prolong wear)
    • Offers excellent pull-through characteristics delivered by constant high torque
    • Allows faster field operating speeds

    There is improved lugging ability throughout the entire working range with significant productivity improvements at low engine rpm.


    The intake manifold is located above the exhaust manifold.

    • Location allows intake air to go directly down through the head with minimal turning to aid in engine breathing characteristics.

    The engine width is not changed greatly, allowing for a narrow tractor hood and excellent row-crop visibility.

    High-pressure common rail fuel injection system and engine control unit (ECU)

    Every PowerTech PVX/PSX engine utilizes the high-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel system to supply fuel to injectors. The high-pressure fuel pump instantly responds to requirements for more or less fuel flow or pressure. The pressure is generated by the gear-driven piston pump. This electronically controlled and high-pressure pump delivers pressure on demand according to the application requirements.


    • High-pressure common rail delivering exactly the same fuel pressure level at all of the injectors
    • High responsiveness under all load and speed conditions, which extends the engine working range to lower speeds, delivering more power and productivity in the field at outstanding fuel saving engine speeds
    • Performance-matched fuel consumption delivering reduced fuel costs per acre


    The ECU uses signal inputs from sensors and pre-programmed performance modeling to control critical engine functions such as:

    • Fuel quantity
    • Injection timing
    • Air-to-fuel ratio
    • Multiple fuel injections
    • Amount of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
    • A host of other control parameters to deliver peak fuel economy and engine performance


    Each injector is controlled individually by the ECU. The ECU turns the injector on and off during each firing cycle to control the fuel delivery into each cylinder. The ECU can sense engine speed and load changes at a rate of 100 times per second and respond instantly to them. Load and speed sensing allows each cylinder’s fuel delivery rate to be adjusted independently at the individual injector.  With each injection cycle, the ECU can make the following adjustments on the go:

    • Number of injections
    • Fuel pressure in the common rail
    • Start of injection
    • Duration of injection

    This management system is connected to the transmission allowing the engine and transmission to respond simultaneously.
    Cold-weather and high-altitude compensation are also precisely controlled for quality starts regardless of weather and proper power levels at high elevations.


    Injectors deliver the same fuel pressure level to cylinders from the high-pressure common rail:

    • Magnetic valve provides fast and precisely metered fuel injection.
    • Six-hole nozzles give optimum spray patterns and fine fuel atomization.

    Performance-matched fuel consumption delivers reduced fuel costs per acre.

  • CommandCenter™ allows operator to define settings

    The GreenStar™ 3 (GS3) CommandCenter is the central information system used on 6R Series Tractors and is located on the right-hand console.  The GS3 CommandCenter allows the operator to program various settings and tailor the readings to a specific operation. 


    The 178-mm (7-in.) color display is divided into three regions: left-hand, center, and right-hand.  The left-hand region can be configured by the operator to monitor three tractor functions of their choice.  The right-hand region shows the shortcut keys to desired information.  Operators can program additional shortcut keys that will appear in the right-hand region.  The center region either shows the main home pages or displays the information relative to the current settings the operator is adjusting.

    CommandCenter™ display regions
    CommandCenter™ display regions

    Tractor readings that are displayed within the GS3 CommandCenter:

    • Fuel use per hour
    • Fuel use per area covered
    • Distance traveled
    • Area covered or traveled
    • Hydraulic oil temperature
    • FieldCruise™ settings
    • Clock
    • Engine hours
    • Hours since last service
    • Ground speed (wheel input)
    • Actual ground speed (radar or global positioning system (GPS) input)
    • Slip percentage
    • Engine rpm
    • Engine coolant temperature
    • Engine oil pressure
    • System voltage
    • Auto shift set gear
    • Power take-off (PTO) speed
    • Area covered per hour
    • iTEC™
    • Hydraulic settings and ambient air temperature (with deluxe or premium cab options)

    NOTE: For percent slip and hitch slip command to function, an optional radar sensor or StarFire™ position receiver with activation is required.


    The GS3 CommandCenter also allows the operator to change or adjust other general machine functions, such as:

    • Day/night display backlight
    • Rear PTO engage modulation rate to start implements
    • Performance monitor recording (implement in operation input selection, such as implement switch, selective control valve (SCV), or hitch)
    • Hitch slip command response (sensitivity)
    • U.S. or metric units
    • Display language
    • Settings for AutoPowr™/IVT™
    • Settings for AutoQuad PLUS Eco; start-up gear default, autoshift point, and auto-shift sensitivity
    • Service intervals
    • Diagnostic codes



    Items that owners can select to lock out include:

    • GreenStar applications
    • Hitch
    • Electronic hydraulic controls
    • Transmission
    • PTO
    • FieldCruise™
    • Display
    • Performance monitor
    Ag Management Solutions (AMS) capabilities
    GreenStar™ 3 display
    GreenStar™ 3 display

    The GS3 CommandCenter display has the capability to run certain AMS applications. With a GreenStar receiver, the display can be utilized for manual guidance. In addition, operators can utilize AutoTrac™ and Swath Control Pro™ within the GS3 CommandCenter by purchasing the appropriate guidance software activation key through AMS. 

    Layout manager

    The GS3 CommandCenter features layout manager. Layout manager allows operators to configure GS3 CommandCenter home pages in the format they desire, displaying the information that is essential to them. Layout manager also allows operators to page through other screens by simply selecting the home page icon.

    Access manager
    Access Manager
    Access Manager

    Access manager allows the owner to lock out certain function settings from the operator to prevent them from accessing or changing settings through an owner-defined four-digit code.

    Video capability
    Video triggers
    Video triggers

    The touch-screen GS3 CommandCenter is prewired with one video input to provide video capability (camera available through Parts). Operators can set the video to a mirror on/off. Mirror on will flip the view right for left, and mirror off will show image captured.


    The operator has the ability to set a variety of triggers, including reverse, PTO, hitch, and SCV levers to activate the camera. In addition, the amount of time that video is activated can be set from the GS3 CommandCenter from 5 seconds to 60 seconds.

    Display options

    The CommandCenter is available in two configurations: a standard display and a touch-screen display.

    see below:

    • GS3 CommandCenter (178-mm) 7-in. display

    Note: Includes access manager user lockout software. Display is capable of manual guidance with StarFire™ receiver and is capable of AutoTrac and Swath Control Pro with activations and software sold separately.

    • Touch-screen GS3 CommandCenter (178-mm) 7-in. display, video capable

    Note: Includes access manager user lockout software. Display is capable of manual guidance with StarFire receiver and is capable of AutoTrac and Swath Control Pro with activation and software sold separately. One video input pre-wired in cab. See Parts for cameras.

  • ComfortView™ cab features a modern, automotive-style instrument panel
    Steering column control panel
    Steering column on 6R Tractor
    Steering column on 6R Tractor
    Dash instrument panel on 6R Tractor
    Dash instrument panel on 6R Tractor

    ComfortView cabs feature a modern, automotive-style instrument panel as base equipment. The instrument pod has two large analog dials for engine and tractor speed, as well as two smaller dials that display fuel level and coolant temperature. The steering column and dash are adjustable to suit the operator's needs. The column tilts toward the operator and a lever on the left-hand side allows for the column to telescope out to the desired level.


    A dimming mode automatically reduces the brightness of the instrument illumination when the tractor lights are used.

    Instrumentation control panel
    The instrumentation panel has a row of information and warning lights across the bottom to monitor all important tractor functions. A three-stage warning system first gives information, then gives warnings, and finally, gives a stop alarm to prevent damage from occurring in the event of a component malfunction. An integrated power take-off (PTO) over-speed warning is incorporated into the diagnostics to ensure proper operation.
    Dash instrument panel controls

    Dash instrument panel controls include:


    Left sideRight side
    Left-hand reverserTwo-speed and optional intermittent wiper
    High-/low-beam switchKey start/stop
    Hazard switchRoad/work lights on/off
    Turn signals/horn 
    Right-hand console controls
    ComfortView cab right-hand console w/o CommandArm
    ComfortView cab right-hand console w/o CommandArm
    ComfortView™ cab available with IVT™
    ComfortView™ cab available with IVT™

    The right-hand control console is angled for operator comfort and ease of operation. The design of the right-hand console is controlled by the type of selective control valves (SCVs) chosen.

    Mechanically actuated valves will have traditional lever controls in the cab, while electronically actuated valves will have fingertip paddle pods. Controls for the ComfortView cab are grouped by function on the right-hand console.

    The modular console panel provides individual access to hand throttle, transmission controls, MFWD switch (if equipped), hitch command console, load/draft control, SCV, and PTO controls.


    The console is also the location of the CommandCenter. The CommandCenter allows the operator to customize important tractor functions and replaces the need for a performance monitor.


    The controls layout on the right-hand console will differ according to what transmission the tractor is equipped with.


    Operators can easily identify controls by icons located near levers, and each functional area is color-coded.



    Motion (throttle, transmission) - orange
    MFWD and hydraulics (hitch and SCVs) - black
    PTO - yellow

  • Lighting options provide maximum visibility in every direction
    6R lighting up the field
    6R lighting up the field

    Lights on the 6R Series Tractors have been positioned and designed to provide maximum visibility to the front, sides, and rear of the tractor to increase productivity in any operating condition.

    Base lighting
    1. Two HB3 hood road lights – low beam
    2. Two HB3 hood road lights – high beam
    3. Two HB3 front corner hood lights
    4. Two beltline lights
    5. Four amber lights
    6. Four HB3 halogen front-roof-mounted adjustable work lights
    7. Two HB3 halogen rear-roof-mounted adjustable work lights
    8. Two turn lights
    9. Brake lights
    Optional lighting
    Optional lighting is available to match various applications and ensure maximum around-the-clock productivity. Optional light emitting diode (LED) lighting technology provides extreme brightness and a daylight color output for excellent definition of the field. LED bulbs also have no filament, which increases bulb life by as much as 40 times versus filament-style halogen bulbs.
    Premium panorama roof light package
    • 2 LED Front roof mounted adjustable worklights
    • 2 LED Rear roof mounted adjustable worklights
    • 2 HB3 Halogen Side roof mounted fixed worklights
    • 2 HB3 Rear fender mounted adjustable worklights
    • 1 Beacon light (Beacon light not included in Premium panorama roof light package for 6105R, 6115R, and 6125R)

    Accent Light, left-hand and right-hand foot step light (Code 8728, available on 6105R, 6115R, and 6125R only)

    Beacon Light (Code 8725, available on 6105R, 6115R, and 6125R only)

    Lighting packages for 6R Series Tractors

    Premium light package:

    1. Two LED front-roof-mounted adjustable work lights
    2. Two HB3 halogen front-roof-mounted adjustable work lights
    3. Two LED rear-roof-mounted adjustable work lights
    4. Two HB3 halogen side-roof-mounted fixed work lights
    5. Two HB3 rear-fender-mounted adjustable work lights
    6. One beacon light (Beacon light not included in Premium light package for 6105R, 6115R, and 6125R)
    Deluxe light package:
    1. Two LED front-roof-mounted adjustable work lights
    2. Two HB3 halogen front-roof-mounted adjustable work lights
    3. Two HB3 rear-roof-mounted adjustable work lights
    4. Two HB3 halogen side-roof-mounted fixed work lights
    5. Two HB3 rear-fender-mounted adjustable work lights
    6. One beacon light (Beacon light not included in Deluxe light package for 6105R, 6115R, and 6125R)

    Accent Light, left-hand and right-hand foot step light (Code 8728, available on 6105R, 6115R, and 6125R only)

    Beacon Light (Code 8725, available on 6105R, 6115R, and 6125R only)


    Lighting packages with Panorama roof for 6R Series Tractors

    Deluxe panorama roof light package

    • 2 LED Front roof mounted adjustable worklights
    • 2 HB3 Halogen Rear roof mounted adjustable worklights
    • 2 HB3 Halogen Side roof mounted fixed worklights
    • 2 HB3 Rear fender mounted adjustable worklights
    • 1 Beacon light (Beacon light not included in Deluxe panorama roof light package for 6105R, 6115R, and 6125R)
    Programmable lighting
    CommandCenter™ programmable lights page
    CommandCenter™ programmable lights page

    The CommandCenter™ allows operators to customize two light settings. Operators can select the lights they need on or want on for a given application and can store these settings. The operator-programmed configurations can then be turned on or off with the push of a button.

    • Programmable worklights 1 
    • Programmable worklights 2
    • Road/loader lights
    • Beacon light
    • Emergency flashers


    Also standard on the 6R Tractors is the battery power-saver feature. When the engine is off and the outside lights have been left on, this feature is designed to avoid battery run-down. After the lights have been left on for 30 minutes and the key is in the off position, the lights will cycle, or blink on and off, five times as an alert. The lights will continue to illuminate for one more minute and then automatically shut off to protect the battery.

    Selecting the lighting mode
    Lighting mode selector
    Lighting mode selector

    Operators can quickly select a lighting mode on the steering console. The four settings available are:

    1. Light switch in the off position
    2. Headlights, taillights, and warning lights in the on position
    3. Headlights in the on position
    4. Headlights in the on position and work lights can be switched
  • Axle, rear drop axle 6155R (hi-crop)
    6150RH Premium Hi-Crop Tractor
    6150RH Premium Hi-Crop Tractor
    Rear drop axle
    Rear drop axle

    Exclusive to the 6150R Tractor, the optional rear drop axle provides additional crop clearance under the axle as well as additional drawbar clearance, when compared to a base axle with high clearance tires.

    The drop axle features a flanged-type axle end that provides up to a maximum drop of 11.6 in. (295 mm) and can accommodate tread settings from 60 to 88 in. (1524 - 2235 mm). The Hi-Crop option is only compatible with 18.4R38-in. 141A8 R2 rear and 320/90R46-in. 148A8 R2 radial front wheels and tires or 320/90R50-in. 147A8 R1W rear and 320/90R50-in. 147A8 R1W radial front wheels and tires.