John Deere 854
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  • Precision cutting with pre-cutter knives
    Knives located between double-pointed fingers
    Knives located between double-pointed fingers

    The MaxiCut™ pre-cutter features 14 stationary redesigned knives (arrows). These knives have a different geometry, which allows better crop engagement and requires less horsepower. The knife spacing is 2.8 in.

    Pre-cutter knife selection option

    A 14-knife pre-cutter with knife selectors is available as an option for North American 854 Balers:

    • This option allows producers to select utilizing 0, 7, or 14 knives at any one time.
    • Producers  using 7 knives can run twice as long using the knife selector before needing to sharpen knives.

    Advantages of the redesigned knives:

    • Positioned closer to the rotor for better cutting quality
    • Better silage quality
    • Saves the operator time when using a vertical or horizontal mixer
    • Geometric design requires less horsepower
    • Profiled for precision cutting and long life
  • BaleTrak™ Plus monitor-controller improves operator comfort and convenience while baling
    854 Silage Special monitor-controller
    854 Silage Special monitor-controller

    The 854 Silage Special Round Baler features the BaleTrak Plus monitor-controller. This feature allows the operator to both monitor and control important baler functions for productivity and convenience.


    A 24-bar graph makes it even easier to make a well-shaped bale that will stand tall and remain firm over time. The 24 bars provide smaller increments of change to give the operator a more precise indication of bale shape.


    Preset factory settings allow operators to turn on one switch and go bale; it's just that easy.

    BaleTrak Plus provides the following MONITORING functions:

    • On/off key
      • Turns power on
    • Baler symbol
      • Gate closed, ready to bale
    • 24-bar graph
      • Bale-shape indicators
    • Small bale symbol
      • Near-full bale
    • Bale with twine/net wrap symbol
      • Stop forward travel, wrapping started
    • Baler with bale ejecting symbol
      • Open gate and eject bale
    • Numerical display
      • Shows bale diameter increasing in inches
    • Variable core symbol

      • On, if selected
    • Battery symbol
      • Low-voltage indication
    • Stop sign symbol, alarm
      • Stop baling immediately, investigate/correct
    • Bale with net wrap symbol
      • Net wrap did not feed or knife did not cut material
    • Baler with gate open symbol

      • Gate open, ejecting bale
    • Bale with oversize symbol
      • Bale is oversized
      • Continuing to operate with the oversized bale can cause severe damage
    • Numerical display
      • Bale counter, daily/lifetime totals
    • Error codes
      • Quicker diagnostic of malfunctions

    BaleTrak Plus provides the following CONTROLLING functions:

    • Set bale size
    • Set twine spacing/net wrap
    • Set the number of twine end wraps
    • Manually extend twine arms
    • Manually retract twine arms
    • Adjust the starting time of net wrap application
    • Set the number of net wraps
    • Set the distance of twine from bale ends
    • Onboard diagnostics
    • Lower drop floor (2)
    • Engage/disengage precutter knives (1)

    Features of the BaleTrak Plus monitor-controller are as follows:

    • Simple to operate; turn on and bale
    • Preprogrammed factory settings, but can be changed by the operator
    • Added flexibility; operator can adjust the baler for different crop conditions
    • Increases productivity; operator stays on tractor
    • Single self-contained processor box mounts on tractor
  • Staggered belt roll
    Staggered belt roll cleaning auger
    Staggered belt roll cleaning auger

    John Deere's 7-in.-wide diamond-tread design ensures fast bale starts and grips the bale to prevent slippage and reduce chaffing. The treads are self-cleaning to reduce carryover.


    The belts are staggered to reduce the loss of fine material and are closely spaced to contain the hay for fast, easy starts.

    Shield removed in photo for illustration purposes only.

    • Belts enclose 91 percent of the bale width to reduce the loss of fine material and retain hay quality.
    • Staggered belt roll design enables any loose hay under or behind the belts to be returned to the pickup and into the baler.
    • Patented design helps to prevent buildup at the front of the baler, which could cause hay loss and belt or splice damage

    The belts are constructed of three-ply combination nylon-polyester. Polyester is used for increased strength and reduced belt stretch.


    The belts have the strength to handle heavy shock loads and help to maintain a consistent belt length throughout their lifetime.

  • Spring-loaded bale ramp
    Bale ramp
    Bale ramp

    Spring-loaded bale ramps are base equipment:

    • Allows a bale to roll away from the baler
    • Eliminates the operator having to back up to eject a bale on level or moderately rolling terrain
  • COVER-EDGE™ net wrap increases productivity and reduces crop spoilage
    COVER-EDGE compartment
    COVER-EDGE compartment

    The COVER-EDGE net wrap is base equipment on the 854 Silage Special.


    The COVER-EDGE net-wrap design enables a simplified loading process. Storage space is provided inside the net-wrap attachment for an extra roll of net wrap

    COVER-EDGE bale
    COVER-EDGE bale

    High-quality hay has many advantages, such as increased marketability and quality feed for livestock.


    The COVER-EDGE net wrap increases the profitability of any operation.

    The net-wrap benefits are as follows:

    • Stretches over the edges of the bale to cover 15 percent more surface area on the bale
    • Better weatherability

    • Reduces crop loss during transportation
    • Reduces wrap time to only two turns, reducing the loss of leaves and short material
    • Bale is ready to eject in 6 seconds or less
    • Material clings to itself and holds the bale together
    Switch from twine to COVER-EDGE net
    Switch from twine to COVER-EDGE net

    The BaleTrak™ Plus monitor-controller allows a bale to be wrapped at any time by pushing the wrap key. This is convenient when finishing up a field.


    The operator can select twine or net wrap with BaleTrak Plus by pushing button A conveniently from the tractor seat.


    The net-wrap attachment is located in the back of the baler, making it easy to load the net-wrap roll.


    Storage space is provided inside the net-wrap attachment for an extra roll of net wrap.

    NOTE: Edge-to-Edge net wrap material will work in the COVER-EDGE net wrap attachment. Refer to the round baler operator's manual for proper adjustment. Plugs are available through AMBRACO to center the roll in the attachment.

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  • Unplugging the baler using the drop floor system
    Drop floor in closed position
    Drop floor in closed position

    The drop floor system allows greater productivity by allowing the operator to unplug the baler without leaving the operator's station.


    Another benefit of the drop floor is the bale doesn't have to be aborted to release the plug. This saves time and effort, and it allows the operator to put up higher-quality feed.


    The drop floor system replaces the rotor reverser system, which is a feature on the 582 Silage Special Round Baler.

    Drop floor in open position
    Drop floor in open position

    To drop the floor, press the drop floor icon on the monitor and push the selective-control valve (SCV) lever forward.


    This releases the plug and allows the operator to continue baling without encountering much downtime.