John Deere HS20 Series
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  • Forged-steel bale spear tines are strong and long wearing
    Bolt-on spear tine is easy to replace if damaged Bolt-on spear tine is easy to replace if damaged

    Bale spear tines are made of forged steel to resist bending and provide longer wear capability.


    These spear tines attach to the frame with a bolt fastener, making them much easier to replace if a tine is damaged.  

  • Tubular frame is built strong
    Sturdy tubular frame Sturdy tubular frame

    The strong tubular frame on the HS20 Series 3-Point Bale Spears can handle up to a 1.5-m x 1.8-m (5-ft x 6-ft) round bale.


    Single-tine spears can hold up to 997.9 kg (2200 lb), while the dual-tine spears can handle up to 1360.8 kg (3000 lb).

  • Hitch provides a super-quick connection
    Quick and easy hitch system Quick and easy hitch system
    Hitch pins are included Hitch pins are included

    The single-spear HS2001 model is iMatch™ hitch system and quick-hitch compatible with Category 1 and 2 hitches.


    The dual-spear HS2002 model is quick-hitch compatible with Category 2 and 3 hitches and also connects to Category 3N hitches.