Knife speed 490 cycles/min
Cutterbar tilt Base: hydraulic, maximum tilt 9 degree (angle)
Knife drive Base: dual knife
Type Straight-line knife drive system
Length 12.3 m
40.5 ft


Transport width on wheel, less dividers 2.7 m
8.9 ft
Transport length, hitch extended 15.4 m
50.4 ft
Platform length 13.1 m
42.9 ft
Transport width, field position 12.95 m
42.5 ft
Overall operating depth 2.5 m
8.2 ft

Draper belts

Speed control Hydraulic from cab
Center belt reverse Base: center belt not included with SPW configuration
Cleat height Cleats: 25.4 mm
1 in.
Width Side belts: 1.02 m
3.33 ft
Center belts: 1.4 m
4.583 ft
Center belt not included with SPW configuration
Operating speed Side belts: variable up to 223 m/min
735 fpm
Center belts: 212 m/min
695 fpm
Center belt not included with SPW configuration

Feed drum

Number of fingers 18
Auger finger platform Dual chevron, retracting
Drum/auger reverse Base
Operating speed 196 rpm
Center cleanout door Base
Diameter Two factory-installed options: 356 or 406 mm
14 or 16 in.
Feed drum not included with SPW configuration
Feed drum fingers Heavy-duty and round with breakaway notch and retainer
Diameter: 16 mm
0.625 in.
Finger reach 152 mm
6 in.

Header height sensing

Header height sensing on the ground Base
Header height sensing off the ground Base
Type Base: electrohydraulic

Key Specs

Knife drive Base: dual knife
Knife speed 490 cycles/min
Pickup reel operating speeds 6-54 rpm
Draper belts speed control Hydraulic from cab
Cutterbar length 12.3 m
40.5 ft

Pickup reel

Fingers Nylon
Height control Hydraulic
Speed control Hydraulic
Reel resume Base
Reel reverse Base
Operating speeds 6-54 rpm
Number of slats Six bat poly base
Reel fore and aft Cylinder stroke: 359 mm
14.1 in.
Total range: 620 mm
24.4 in.
Diameter 1.067 m
3.5 ft
Reel lift Cylinder stroke: 330 mm
13 in.
Total range: 391.5 mm
15.4 in.


Type Rigid draper

Top auger

Type Optional: hydraulic drive