Smart Apply

Smart Apply® Intelligent Spray Control System™

Over spraying orchards and vineyards is extremely costly, chemical and water intensive, and harmful to the environment. Stop over spraying with the Smart Apply® Intelligent Spray Control System. Unlike traditional spraying that disperses clouds of chemicals across your orchard or vineyard, Smart Apply uses LIDAR to deliver the precise amount of spray to individual trees or vines based on structural density. This reduces chemical use up to 73% while supporting optimal yields. The less chemicals, the less labor required to mix and spray and the more you save.

Capturing Critical Data Every Time You Spray

Forget tracking your spray dates on paper. The Smart Apply system automatically captures and aggregates data as it sprays. It documents date and time of spray, spray volumes delivered to specific trees and sectors, and total volume of applied spray. This data supports grower operations, planning, profitability, and regulatory compliance related to chemical and water use.

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