2025R vs. 2032R

When comparing models in the John Deere 2-series, there are a number of different factors to consider. The three models in the series have a lot in common but have distinct differences, too. Let’s compare the John Deere 2025R and the next size up, the 2032R.

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John Deere 2025R
John Deere 2032R
HP 24.2 31.2
PTO HP 18 24.2
Transmission Type Hydrostatic - 2 Range Hydrostatic
2WD or 4WD 4WD 4WD
3PT Hitch Category 1 Category 1
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The Similarities

The John Deere 2025R and the 2032R compact tractors look quite similar. Each has nearly identical operator stations with ergonomic seats, tilt steering wheels, rubber floorboards, and conveniently located controls. They are both 4WD tractors with hydrostatic transmission and category 1 3-point hitches.

The Differences

Frame size – The 2025R is considered a small frame 2-series while the 2032R is built on a larger frame. The 2032R is approximately 5” longer than the 2025R.

Weight – The 2032 is 2436 lb, making it approximately 35% heavier than the the 2025R which weighs in at 1793.4 lbs.

Engine Horsepower – The 2032R offers a little more horsepower than the smaller frame 2-series tractor. With the 32 hp 2032R, you’ll have a little more power to drive through tougher conditions than the 25 hp 2025R.

PTO Horsepower – In addition to the increase engine horsepower, the 2032R also offers greater PTO horsepower allowing you to use bigger, larger capacity implements.

Attachments – The 2025R uses the same attachments as the 1-series subcompact tractors. The larger frame 2032R uses the next size up attachments including the 220R loader, the 72D drive over mower deck and the 270B backhoe.

Legroom – Taller operators will find more legroom in the 2032R which can make a significant difference in comfort after many hours in the driver’s seat.

Which one is right for you?

The recently redesigned John Deere 2025R is essentially a 1025R with larger tires, which adds a more stability and traction over the subcompact model. If you’re looking for a real step up from the 1-series, the 2032R is a great choice. It packs a lot of power and can tackle most property maintenance chores with ease.